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Unit recognition, information and education available to a consultant 24/7.

Creation & Maintenance


We currently maintain sites on UnitNet, Unitwise, Weebly and Wix.  If you have questions about what site may be best for you, please contact us.    

All websites are created during the last 10 days of the month.


Website Creation 

  • You are responsible for signing up with your website of choice and emailing us your username and password. 

  • Includes Custom header with your picture, unit name and theme.

  • We use a basic layout that can be tweaked to suit your needs.  Or if you have an idea of what you would like where, we are happy to oblige.

  • ​Basic layout includes homepage, new consultant page, training center, promotion page, picture gallery, upcoming events page, recogntion page.


Website Maintenance

  • Weekly Maintenance & Twice Monthly Maintenance (1st & 3rd week of the month) available

  • An update day will be given to you.  I ask that you email me any updates you have by 9am the morning of your update day.

  • Each update includes adding any new MK promos/events, updating on-target stars, new unit members and any unit recognition.   Any information/files that you have sent me will also be added at this time.

  •  Maintenance includes links to pink files (the training center we maintain), holiday files page, hot sales ideas page, Happenings graphic  and other custom graphics.


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